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          Big Flow High Pressure test pump

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          3D-SY Big Flow High Pressure test pump


          3D-SY series motor-driven pressure test pumps researched and produced
          by our factory are the generation-substituting products of motor-driven pressure test
          pumps of 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder in our country at present. This product has the
          characters such as small volume, compact structure, stable running, safety and
          reliability, complete function, great flow, high efficiency and so on. And the suitable
          range is wide, the compatibility is strong and the operation is simple. They are used
          for all places, needing pressure burst test and strength test, such as all kinds of
          pressure container, boiler, pipe fittings and so on. Can lock test pressure value
          according to the needs and undertake automatic pressure maintaining. The
          transferring medium of the pump is normal temperature clean water generally.
          Emulsion, anti-rust water and neutral oil with similar viscosity to water can also be

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