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          GTM-B fire extinguisher CO2 filling machine

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          GTM-B Type filler for CO2 fire extinguisher is a special equipment for filling MT2-MT7 portable extinguishers with CO2 extinguishers automatically. It makes a comprehensive use of electronic, electric, and mechanical techniques and renders the whole filling processes safe, reliable, simple in operation, accurate in filling quantity and highly efficient.

          Technical Parameters:
          Working Temperature and Pressure Parameters of the Thermostat of the Filler
          A. Thermal uniform temperature is controlled in the range of 38���C45�� with a pressure of 9-10Mpa, heater power of 6KW and voltage of 380V.
          B. Cold uniform temperature is controlled in the range of �C5�桪5��with a pressure of ��7Mpa and power source voltage of 220V.

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