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          0086-18831809893                  hyalice@hyjx-china.com

          Raoyang Hongyuan Machinery Co.,Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise in Hebei province .We are the leading manufacturer of fire fighting machine ,hose crimping machine and hydraulic test pump for more than 40 years in China .

          • Got the ISO9001 certificate and CE certificate .

          • Got four labels for our products;

          • Acquired the Qualification Cerfiticate for Export-Import Ecterprise;

          • The utility model patent certificate for dry powder filler

          • Several types of products got the certificate from China Classification Society;

          High precision dry powder filling product line got CE, and few certificate;

          • GFM8-2 automatic dry powder filler got national important new product certificate

          • Got national high-integrity enterprise reputation